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October | Nordic Brekkie | 29th & 30th October


Let Ben Devlin from Pipit take you on a nordic breakfast adventure. Each box is designed for two whether its a for romantic brekkie or a foodie's escape to the world food. 

Ben's love for Nordic cuisine was inspired by his experience working at Noma in Denmark (renowned for its inventive avante-garde tasting menus). Noma is the flagship of “New Nordic” cuisine since 2004 and has once again been named as the best restaurant in the world in 2021.

Whilst Ben has a vast number of fine-dining credentials, his restaurant Pipit, is a refreshing step away from formalities. Ben has a particularly hands-on approach to work and this drives his desire to build things from the ground up, making the effort to create everything from scratch – including delectable smoked fish, exquisite Æblekage (apple cake) and fruity plum jam.

This hatted chef brings you the following menu:

Smoked cheese curd, Pickled eggs, Pickled cucumbers, Hot smoked fish, Berry and Davidson plum jam, Cultured macadamia butter, rye and carraway loaf, Æblekage (apple cake) with caldera honey and a delicious grilled apple juice.

Accompanied with the "Pipit Morning Herald" a foodie newspaper by Pipit

Each box is designed for two and is delivered in the afternoon for consumption the next morning

The box will be delivered on Friday and Saturday for consumption the next morning.

Check out Pipit's recipe book in the add on below. A bit more information:
Somekind™ was founded during COVID19 as a way to support hospo venues and designers by creating small crowdfunded cookbooks. The paperback-sized book captures the 8 local seasons that influence the Pipit kitchen. It shares new behind-the-scenes stories, recipes, cartoons and photos  

The recipes focus on preserving, and reveals our approach to flavours and maximising produce. Recipes include: Lemon aspen kosho, Preserved yuzu, Wattle blossom vinegar, Squid garum and Bunya nut miso

October | Nordic Brekkie | 29th & 30th October